City#2 Heidelberg

It’s the city that ignites! I mean literally! It transforms throughout the day magically. Always filled with people, music, busy streets full of restaurants, shops, and cafes etc. this city brings smile on your face instantly.


Heidelberg castle, the focus of the city watches over this beautiful town from the top like a king and as the Sun sets, it lights up along with the city royally.

Walking the city overnight, I think is the best part of the travel one should never miss. If you want to see the real beauty of any city, climb its highest point, find a spot to look over that new grid of city, watch the Sunset, and slowly you will experience the city with a whole new dramatic view.



Not only this transformation left me in awe but also made me realize how beautiful this Man-made world can be. Today we are living in a world where humans are the ‘Nature killers’ and the monstrosity of constructions and technology creating terrors on this beautiful mother earth. And somehow while in thoughts of all the destruction, I was proud of the creation in front of my eyes. And if a single view can make me think all this and so much more about life and world, then it’s definitely magic for me.

The city ignited, the moon shined, and the castle was awakened with the symphonies. Again I was lost in my thoughts along with them…..


City#1 Mannheim

This isn’t a big famous ‘tourist attraction’ magnet city, not at all. But for me it all started here. I enter into the beauty of Europe through this city.  As an Architecture student, I had very high expectations from this continent to amaze me. So far I had only roam into the European cities in those stories of my favorite novels and essays and now I was going to live them and store them in my eyes as much i can.

Yes! Ready to get lost……..

While traveling to Mannheim from Frankfurt airport unfortunately (turned out to be a fortunate incident later) I lost my cell phone in the train and my ‘social’ communication with the world was cut off.  I was safely traveling with my two brothers without a cell phone for 15 days! Yeah, a 22 years old girl without a cell phone, weird to imagine in today’s world right! That was the best unfortunate thing happened to me during my travel.

And a diary and pencil pen became my true best friends.

I found Mannheim a very quiet and simple city. It was all new for me. New people, new landscape, new types of buildings with different materials, new public transport methods ( trams stopped working in Mumbai long back during the time of Independence), new food, new language and many more. I was somewhat a bit nervous when i started roaming around the city with my brother. It was weird for me to grasp this quiet new lifestyle as i lived in one of the most chaotic busiest city of India. There were moments in the beginning when I felt lonely maybe because I found this lifestyle very individualist oriented.

Mannheim palace, the water tower (Wasserturm) with beautiful fountains and gardens, the plaza and early morning markets with fresh aromas, small cafes and restaurants around the corners, all this was making me more and more energized and happy. I was walking down those streets like a child to whom everything was special and new and magnificent. I was about to explore the world’s greatest cities the following days, yet this city created a very unique impression on my heart.

The water tower (Wasserturm)

And with this simple town, my city hunt for 15 days begin……

World through my eyes

‘Cities’… That’s the first thing popped in my head when i thought of writing something. I ain’t a regular traveler but i love walking down small alleys, finding something new around the street corner, experience things along the paths i walk. Be it any small town or a huge metropolitan, cities make me wonder more than anything. So yeah! welcome to my city experiences. It might not be something unique but it’s something very close to my heart.

I waited, took a pause, turned back and glanced over the view for one last time. “You are always welcome here”, the City whispered.